• 2019 Publix Atlanta Cup   The 2019 Publix Atlanta Cup promises to be bigger and better than ever with the announcement of a new member Club: Inter Atlanta F.C and the exciting partnership between Georgia Soccer and four of its member clubs.  Starting with the 2019 event, AFC Lightning, Lanier Soccer Association, Inter Atlanta FC, and Tucker Youth Soccer Association have partnered with the state association under a three-year license agreement to deliver the event which has in the past, been one of the most prestigious youth soccer events in the south-east.   

      • The Publix Atlanta Cup brought together four soccer clubs in Georgia who will look to build on the traditions of the Publix Atlanta Cup and return it to its full glory as one of the top tournaments in the county.  Our goal is to eventually get the tournament back up to a 600 – 800 team event.  Each location will be registering a large number of teams who will be participating in the event, will bring reciprical agreements, have fantastic facilities and over 50+ combined years experience of running tournaments of their own.  We are excited to become partners with GA Soccer in hosting the Publix Atlanta Cup.  

      • Applications open in April. Don't miss out on the best Labor Day weekend tournament in the Southeast!

      • MORE THAN A TOURNAMENT IT IS A FUNDRAISER! The Publix Atlanta Cup can help your club as a fundraiser. This is how it works: 1) Available for the first 20 clubs only 2) Register a minimun of 10 teams by May 31st and we will give you $100 per team For Example: XYZ Club register 15 teams by May 20th. Therefore, 15 (teams) X $100=$1500 After the tournament is over, clubs that meet this criteria will receive a check.

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        2019 Publix Atlanta Cup   The 2...
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        The Publix Atlanta Cup brought together ...
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        Applications open in April. Don't mi...
      • Publix Atlanta Cup, more than a tournament
    • Play at the Atlanta Publix Cup

      We are pleased to invite your team to apply to the Publix Atlanta Cup. Come join us for some great preseason soccer!

      Applications are available online so register today by clicking the "Apply Now" button above. Once you complete your registration, you will receive confirmation that your application has been received. When we reach our deadline for registrations, we will notify the accepted teams.


    • HOTELS
      With three main locations we are looking for Referees. 
      If you are interested please contact our Tournament Referee Director Joe Todd at Jftodd79@bellsouth.net 


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