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Geoffrey Frick#15

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    Geoffrey goes to a STEM focused home school academy. He takes all his classes at this academy in a college format, with classes being two days per week. He studies independently the rest of the week. This gives Geoffrey tremendous flexibility to practice soccer and participate in a multitude of soccer venues.

    Geoffrey has always received straight A's. He also was in the 97th percentile on the Iowa Test for Basic Skills. Most recently he received an 1160 on his PSAT, the first time he took it, and in the new format.


    Geoffrey's focus is soccer and strength training. He played as a guest player on the DA team, GA United, in England. He scored and assisted in a 2-2 tie against Manchester City's Youth Academy. He is currently the top scorer on his club Team, Concorde Fire BU16 White.

    Geoffrey is currently on the '00 Georgia ODP team and played at the sub-regional tournament, where he scored. He played left striker and right and left fullback, stopping a many scoring opportunities by the opposition.

    His High School team won the State championship in, while he was a freshman (1 of 4). He will be a five year varsity player by the time he graduates.


    Geoffrey is in a leadership program at his high school, called Servant Leader. This is a Christian school that puts a lot of emphasis on STEM and leadership as servants to others. This is a four year program and he helps lead major school excursions such as the Middle School Expedition to Jekyll Island.

    Geoffrey is a very proficient piano player as well. He takes lessons and participates in recitals on a regular basis.

    Last, but most important, Geoffrey will be doing his second mission trip to the Dominican Republic this year, 2016.



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